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@suzumun: 午前10時、大型タクシーに乗り込んで来たりぶさんにおはようと言ったら返事は「頭大丈夫?」だった。 もう彼に挨拶はしない。 #りぶ被害者の会
Suzumu: Yesterday at 10 in the afternoon, when Rib-san climbed into the large taxi, I greeted him with a “Good morning”, and his reply was “Is your head ok”. I’m never going to greet this guy again. #AssociationOfRib’sVictims

@suzumun: もしかしたら頭痛は治まったかい? って意味なのかな…(※昨日のツイート参照) いや、そんな優しい人間はゴミを見るような目をしないよな、、、
Suzumu: Perhaps he actually meant, has your headache gotten better?…(*see yesterday’s tweet). No, someone who’d be kind enough to ask that wouldn’t look at me like I was trash„,

@singing_rib: 昨日スズムくんが頭痛そうにしてたのを気遣ったつもりなんです誤解なんです
Rib: I said it because yesterday Suzumu-kun seemed like he had a really bad headache this is a misunderstanding

@singing_rib: なんやこのタグ!!!!!!! #りぶ被害者の会
Rib: The heck is this tag!!??? #AssociationOfRib’sVictims

@singing_rib: #そらる被害者の会 RT @tarotaro_moco: @singing_rib そらるさん発祥
tarotaro_moco: It’s Soraru-san’s creation
Rib: #AssociationOfSoraru’sVictims


@soraruru: ドラえもんと写真撮った http://t.co/KzeuvWsXWx

@soraruru: I had a photo taked with doraemon.

This guy is 25 btw.


Kunihiko’s Main Story is now available!
My Forged Wedding Party

Daehan always takes care of daddy’s bag

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I need to lie down.

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  • Artist: Kashitarou Itou - Yoshiwara Lament
  • Played: 222 plays


Kashitarou singing Yoshiwara Lament during his namahousou!


sakura milk pudding

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my work 

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